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July 14, 2013

belated birthday shawl
posted by soe 2:01 am

Birthday Shawl

My grandmother turned 92 back in March and, unable to think of a better gift, I decided to knit her something. My mother recommended a shawl, saying she was often trailing one of the other shawls she owned behind her walker. I thought that a shawl that buttoned might work and Ravelry offered me suggestions.

The pattern I picked is Erika Flory’s Cabled Button Wrap. I knit it in worsted Shepherd Wool in Antique Rose, a sort of corally color that’s hard to photograph well, using slightly less than 2.5 skeins.

We all thought I’d get it done quickly. That didn’t turn out to be the case.

But, then, a couple weeks ago, my grandmother had another health scare and I thought, I am going to be so annoyed with myself if she dies and this stupid thing is still on the needles.

Gramma's Shawl

So I finished it and blocked it, all in advance of heading up there last weekend. Everything except for buttons, which I couldn’t find a combination of right size and beauty.

Luckily, the yarn store in Somers offered several options, and I picked these:

Birthday Button

The shawl has three buttons and only one buttonhole, offering several ways to wear it. But as long as one of them keeps the shawl on her, so it’s not dragging behind her, I’ll consider it a success.

sprite's shawl

I knit several extra repeats and the total length was a few inches longer than my 55″ blocking mat.

I can offer you no modeled shots because one doesn’t ask a very senior citizen to do a photo shoot of woolenwear during a heatwave. At least not one you like.

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That’s really pretty – I hope she’ll enjoy it for a nice long time.


Comment by Bridget 07.14.13 @ 1:03 pm

Very nice, and the buttons are perfect!

Comment by Karen 07.14.13 @ 9:10 pm

@Karen: Thank you. The shop owner hadn’t yet put them out, so I was delighted when she said she thought she had something that would work.

@Bridget: Thank you! I do, too.

Comment by soe 07.15.13 @ 12:31 am