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June 14, 2013

chase, bandaid, and merriweather post
posted by soe 2:00 am

Today was gloomy, but the storm clouds started to clear near dusk, offering up a glowing skyline to enjoy. Here are three more beautiful things from my past week:

1. Fireflies showed up this week. I passed a woman who was trying to catch one last night. (She was no more successful than I was over the weekend.)

2. I did something outstandingly stupid and hurt myself. After the tears and the not fainting and the cursing of why we only have ointments Rudi likes, I applied a Muppets-themed bandage and immediately felt less awful.

3. For his birthday last month, I gave Rudi concert tickets to see Of Monsters and Men and he kindly took me along with him to the show this week. Our grilled cheeses (hooray for a venue that offers veg-friendly options) were melted, they’ve added milkshakes since last summer, and the seats I’d procured were sheltered and on the aisle (which meant we didn’t have to sit in the mud from the previous day’s deluge and that I didn’t have a panic attack about personal space infringements). The opening acts were decent, and our Icelandic headliners — and the crowd — were full of positive energy. It was a good evening.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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I am glad the Muppets helped!

Yummm, grilled cheese!! Huh – I actually had no idea that that OMaM were Icelandic! Neat!

Comment by Jenn 06.14.13 @ 6:22 am

@Jenn: They totally did. I’d like to think that Statler & Waldorf mocked any potential infections away.

Comment by soe 06.19.13 @ 3:22 am