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February 28, 2013

booking through thursday: current events
posted by soe 5:09 pm

btt2This week’s Booking through Thursday meme post asks:

What are you reading right now? (And, is it good? Would you recommend it? How did you choose it?)

I am seemingly incapable of monogamous reading. Or, rather, I suppose I’m fully capable, but disinterested in it.

So, I am in the midst of:

  • Dodger by Terry Pratchett: The last of the Cybils nominees that I put aside after I’d ruled that they weren’t going to be in contention for my top nominations but that were good enough I wanted to finish. It’s good (it was named a Printz Honor Book last month) and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or who enjoys Dickens.
  • Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn: A fictional look at what might happen if elderly Queen Elizabeth decided to go rogue. It’s good, but I’m a bit tired of stories told from a legion of points of view.
  • Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley: It appeared on a number of book bloggers’ best-of year-end lists and was the Printz Award winner last year. It’s good, but I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying it the further in I get. Could be I just have to push through a little further.
  • Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan: Another book that lit up the year-end lists (literally, since the cover of non-library-bound copies apparently glows in the dark). I’m bitterly disappointed that I’m not enjoying this as much as I feel like I should be.

I also read the first paragraph of Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins last night, but I’m pretty sure that’s not enough to go on.

What this highlights is the surprising fact that I am only reading books by men right now. How unusual!

How about you? What are you reading right now?

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If Mrs. Queen is a little slow for you, it does pick up once she finally boards that blessed train! They could have abbreviated the book by 50%!

Comment by Mum 02.28.13 @ 5:35 pm

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Comment by MJ 02.28.13 @ 7:25 pm

My husband loves Terry Pratchett. Enjoy!
2 Kids and Tired Books BTT

Comment by Holly (2 Kids and Tired) 02.28.13 @ 7:34 pm

Kuhn’s book sounds great! I think I’ll give it a try.

I read Sloan’s book last year. I liked it, but I didn’t think it was all that remarkable. I enjoyed the beginning of the book much more than the end. I felt like the writing really slowed down.

Comment by Dana 02.28.13 @ 8:23 pm

I usually have:

– a book for work
– a book for in bed
– a book for at the kitchen table for breakfast
– a book at the kitchen table for reading snatches of while waiting for, say, DH to put on his shoes so we can leave the house
– a book in the living room for when TV is boring
– a book at my chair in the library for long reading sessions

Monogamous reading is for wimps! 😉

Comment by Jenn 03.01.13 @ 2:46 pm