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May 16, 2006

wedding mashups
posted by soe 12:08 pm

So the weekend of June 24, we had plans to go to the wedding of Rudi’s friend Penny to her long-time partner, Jeremy. Life being what it is, their wedding has been pushed back to allow them to deal with dissertations, graduations and a cross-country move.

Now we will be going to a different wedding that weekend, but all the way across the country and of my friend (and former intern and cat-sitter) Elodie to her long-time partner … Jeremy. Adding to the eerieness? Jeremy’s mother’s name is Penny…

Now my main problem is to figure out a wedding present. I’d planned on making Rudi figure out the original wedding’s present, but now I suppose I’d best put my brain to it. Do you think she’d like hand-knit potholders?

Today is Rudi’s birthday. Because he is once again a year older than me, I can now return to referring to him as old. Feel free to leave him some love (and some walker jokes) at his blog.

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If Elodie was your cat-sitter, then it stands to reason (in my mind, anyway, and that admitedly is a frightening place) that her wedding present should have a feline theme.

Thanks to the Jeremy and Penny who aren’t getting married just yet for the happy side effect of their postponement leading to me getting a visit. No doubt, this was part of their decision to hold off, and it is very much appreciated.

If we’re allowed to make fun of Rudi for being geezerly now, are we also allowed to tease you for using your feminine wiles to snare an older man?

Comment by Grey Kitten 05.16.06 @ 9:36 pm