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February 20, 2013

top ten favorite characters from my cybils reading
posted by soe 1:25 am

The Broke and the Bookish‘s Tuesday meme asked this week for you to consider your favorite ten characters in a specific genre. Since so much of my recent reading has been for the Cybils, I figured I’d focus there, even though that’s not technically a genre.

So without further ado, here is my list, in no particular order, of favorite characters among the 60 Cybils nominees I read:

  1. Maddie from Code Name Verity, because you couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend
  2. Autumn from Pinned, because she was self-confident despite her lack of academic prowess
  3. Micha from The Storyteller, because a little girl should always feel like a princess
  4. The entire Garrett clan from My Life Next Door, because if you could move in with a fictional family this is the one you’d pick
  5. Boy21, aka Russ, from Boy21, because he returned from the edge to be a better friend than he ever could have thought
  6. Louise’s grandparents from The Boy on Cinnamon Street, because quirky senior citizens rock
  7. Max from Messy, because she surprised herself
  8. Charlie Dickens from Dodger, because the wordy English author could have been more bad-ass than you think
  9. Howie from I Hunt Killers, because what other hemophiliac do you know who’d confront a serial killer?
  10. Verity from Code Name Verity, because she did exactly what she needed to do

You may not be able to play along in my category, but I’d be interested to hear about some of your favorite literary characters.

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The Garretts!!

Comment by Jenn 02.20.13 @ 7:19 am

@Jenn: Exactly!

Comment by soe 02.28.13 @ 3:48 am