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May 15, 2006

i am a terrible manager
posted by soe 11:13 am

I hereby declare that I am a terrible fantasy baseball manager.

My players seem to play well especially well on the days I have them benched. Yesterday three of my benched players had OPSes over 1. (OPS stands for on-base percentage plus slugging. Being over 1 is good.)

A quarter of the way through the season and I have yet to win a week in my fantasy league. I essentially have a 2-3 ratio of wins to losses in the categories we score.

Can you come back from being 42 games behind the leader?

My only consolation? After last week, one of my league-mates is one game behind me.

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Now I understand how you must feel when reading my commentary littered with RPG jargon. I know all the words you used, but they are meaningless to me in the order you have used them.

Comment by Grey Kitten 05.16.06 @ 9:26 pm