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April 24, 2006

a quiet week around the burrow
posted by soe 10:31 am

It’s going to be awfully quiet around the Burrow this week.

Rudi and I play in the same fantasy baseball league, which generally is fun because we talk strategy (neither of us does well) and whine about how we made the wrong player picks for the day or how our players do not seem to work well under our management styles. And we watch out for each other’s teams, alerting one another about injuries or days off or roster changes.

On the other hand, three or four times a season, we have to play each other.

And so for those weeks, we don’t talk baseball. Or it stays polite in a cocktail party kind of sense: “The Mets seem to be hitting well…” “Too bad for the Sox that Papi got hurt…” “Soriano actually seems to have stopped whining and started playing for the Nats…”

This will be one of those weeks. Rudi is less than ten games back from me and I’m sure he’d like to make up those stats based on my pitching. He has the advantage because he’s coming off a winning week. I have three straight weeks of losses (even if the first two losses were just by one apiece).

So think good thoughts for harmony in the Burrow. We’ll try to avoid watching sports on tv.

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