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April 24, 2006

cleaning? who said anything about cleaning?
posted by soe 1:27 am

I know it wasn’t me.

Instead of cleaning today, I went to the farmers’ market where I visited with our friend John and chatted with some of the farmers before coming home with ramps, strawberries, asparagus, morels, lettuce, eggs, milk, grape tomatoes, blueberry scones, pink lady apples, and lilacs. I also lazily read the paper and listened to a new cd. I took a brief nap. I read some of my book. I knitted a few (a very few rows) on my sock. I cuddled cats. I took a leisurely two-hour bike ride along the C&O Canal Path, where I took some wildlife shots. I ate a yummy morel omelet Rudi made. I watched The West Wing and a sappy Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.

No, the Burrow is not clean. But tomorrow my soul will remember that I spent the weekend doing frivolous and frolicksome things and that will make a mundane Monday much more manageable.

After I two-step the vacuum around the living room, I’m off to bed. Good night!

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You can’t clean without strawberries. Everyone knows this.

So, while once again it might appear to the inexperienced eye that you were merely procrastinating, that eye needs to learn to appreciate all the intricate things that go into the setup.

The people who think you can just rush in and clean without any build up probably think you can have sex without foreplay. I’m told it’s possible, but why would you want that?

Things worth doing are worth waiting for.

Comment by Grey Kitten 04.24.06 @ 4:29 pm

Well I am alergic to strawberries and that probably explains a great deal in my life doesn’t it?

Ahem. I was writing to say that I too had a less than productive weekend. I actually emailed things home to myself thinking I would spend a little quality time re-acquainting myself with Excel. It didn’t happen. I slept in late both days (thanks in part to the rain) and spent time with my family (Saturday was mom’s birthday). I did manage to get some cleaning done… but not as much as I would have liked. There is still a pile of mail on my table. Oh well.

Question: how does one prepare ramps? I’ve heard of them and eaten them in dishes at Angelica Kitchen but have no idea how to do the do at home. Ditto on the fiddleheads.

This comment thing is becoming a bad habit. It was probably better when I read and kept my musings to myself. 😉

Comment by ejbro 04.24.06 @ 10:36 pm

Grey Kitten, Things worth doing are worth waiting for, but sometimes the waiting lasts too long.

ejbro, if strawberries were the only key, eri and I would have had the cleanest room at Conn. Clearly there’s a missing step there. It may have something to do with elbow grease.

As for the culinary adventures, we (read Rudi) would saute ramps or fiddleheads with some garlic. Rudi adds he might add a hint of nutmeg to the ramps. I’m jealous that you have fiddleheads. We don’t get them down here.

And don’t you dare go back into the comment closet! 😉

Comment by soe 04.24.06 @ 11:38 pm

I know, I know… I am getting there. Thank you for nagging. It does help.

Comment by Grey Kitten 04.25.06 @ 2:58 am

See, now you just have a guilty conscience. I wasn’t even referring to that!

Comment by soe 04.25.06 @ 9:11 am