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October 30, 2012

posted by soe 1:14 am

When I was a kid, I’d always participate in the library’s summer reading program, and I’d always sign up for whatever the top level was. It wasn’t going to be a problem. I read a lot and I read fast. If anything, I read too much.

I admit that by the time I got to college, while I still read a lot, I was not always reading what I was supposed to. I was an English major and sometimes I’d … neglect … to read a particular book — or three. Yes, sometimes even books I wrote papers or took tests on or offered up theories about in class. (You’d be surprised by how well you can get by if you listen to what other people say. If you’re in a class where the teacher is prone to asking people what they think about comments posited by other students, however, I’d like to suggest you get your own comment in early. Teachers rarely call on you again if you’ve been proactive in raising a point.)

Where was I before I got started on academic subterfuge? Right! Books!

So, I still read in college, but I coasted a bit. But then I graduated and started reading again. And if I don’t read as much as some people, I still average 3-4 books a month. Not a bad figure…

But then I applied to judge the Cybils and they accepted me. And I totally understood this was going to mean a lot of reading. I got that this meant I’d need to pick up the pace in more than just an incremental way.

People, I have read 14 books this month. (A few of them have been really good and several above average, by the way.) That’s a book every other day.

Sounds impressive, right?

Sadly, it’s not. I knew the math suggested I was going to have to read a book nearly every day in order to stay on top of things. And I knew I hadn’t done that in October. Which meant I was behind.

And an email today confirmed it. I’ve read fewer books than any of my fellow panelists. (This was not helped by my having only read two of the 189 nominated titles before the whole thing started.)

So, I’m tucking in my chin and turning on the night light to try and put a dent in the 35 titles I currently have checked out from the library.

Blog posting will continue to be light. I know you aren’t supposed to apologize for site absences (the blogosphere takes a rather Yoda-esque approach to post writing), but I do. If only to myself, since I’d like to be writing more.

But I have 39+ more books to read before Christmas, so I’m just not sure it’s going to get better anytime soon. I’ll try to come up with a solution so I don’t disappear totally. Maybe 3-sentence book reviews?

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be the one with my nose in a book!

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