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March 30, 2006

the good news is
posted by soe 12:39 pm

The good news of my weekend plans falling through is that I do not need to finish cleaning my apartment right now.

And we don’t need to finesse tonight’s concert plans.

And Jeremiah will not feel terrorized by having his turf invaded. (I originally wrote that as “turk.” I was unaware my cat was collecting immigrants. I wonder if INS knows…)

The bad news is, of course, that I will not have the delightful company of my intended guest. Sadness.

But we will see her in a few weeks when we’re home at Easter. And I’ve extended her an invitation to come see an obscure Shakespeare play performed in the woods. She is, of course, welcome to come down for the Fourth of July, the fourth of September, or tomorrow — nuestra casa es su casa.

So any suggestions for how I should spend my weekend now?

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Yes, I have suggestions on how to spend your weekend:

1) Find three differnet flowers and sniff them
2) Count squirrels
3) Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and say hi
4) Collect cat hair shed from your cats and use it to knit a new cat
5) Go to some local shop and buy something you don’t need, but want anyway just because you like it
6) Invent a new word
7) Inform strangers that they are “it” now
8) Sleep late wrapped in a nice blanket
9) Go out to eat and try something you have never tried before
10) Hold a conversation in your head in a new language

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