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July 11, 2012

dress up, bedtime, hammock, and matins
posted by soe 11:08 pm

I had a late afternoon eye appointment today, which meant that I took off a bit early from work. After that, I did some shopping, ate a late lunch of sushi, drank a smoothie while knitting and ripping a row of knitting several times, and headed over to the garden. I feel very productive. Before that illusion wears off, let me share three four [what? I was on vacation!] beautiful things from my past week with you:

1. I spend the afternoon in Rhode Island with Karen and her family. I surrender first my hat, then my sunglasses, and finally my keys to her two young children, who combine them in adorably funny ways to inadvertently resemble Elton John and Elvis Costello.

2. Michael takes the kids upstairs to bed, leaving Karen and me time to talk for a few hours. It’s lovely to catch up alone.

3. My parents put the hammock up in the yard. I spend an hour lounging in the shade with my drink and my book.

4. A bird is perched atop the church spire, singing.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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It was great to see you. I feel bad that you had to drive so far, but I’m glad you did!

Comment by Karen 07.26.12 @ 9:10 am

@Karen: I was glad, too. I always love seeing you, regardless of the setting, but I don’t want your kids to grow up *too* much in between visits!

Comment by soe 08.10.12 @ 12:41 am