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February 27, 2012

pardon the dust
posted by soe 4:37 pm

We got hacked last night (again), and my theme, being ancient in terms of the web, is being ornery. Rest assured that this will not be the final look for Sprite Writes, but please bear with me as I give my online house a new coat of paint and plant some new flowers. After all, my seventh blogiversary is right around the corner.

P.S. Thank you to Rudi, who painstakingly went through every file in my blog to remove the hacked code. He’s a good guy.

Update: And it’s back. Rudi pored through his files and found an unadulterated version of my theme. He totally rocks.

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It’s good to have you back. I don’t really understand the need to hack. It’s kin to scribbling in a library book or throwing paint on a piece of art. Thank you, also, Rudi. Good job. This will be our good thing for the week.

Comment by DOD 02.28.12 @ 10:59 am

@DOD: Thanks! And I agree.

Comment by soe 03.02.12 @ 12:02 am