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January 3, 2012

posted by soe 12:57 am

The problem with not being a fully anonymous blog is that it’s impossible to share private details without the possibility of having them made public. As such, know I have a big resolution for 2012 that I can’t share with you right now, but that I will when I’ve made it happen. It will require me to push boundaries and open myself up to uncomfortable possibilities and, frankly, scares the shit out of me, which probably means it’s exactly the right resolution to make here and now. Except that I can’t share it with you — whom I’m sure would mostly be in support of it.

So I shall make some blog-friendly resolutions as well:

  1. Attend more concerts. I like listening to music and I don’t do enough of it. The drunk-fest that was the Mumford and Sons concert at Merriweather Post this summer suggests that smaller, less popular venues will probably make me happier, so maybe this will be the year of the house concert.
  2. Actively pursue daylight. I’m bad about getting outside, particularly early, which is what’s required to see the sun at this time of year. But daylight is an important part of keeping your mental health in order, so I’m going to take a lunch break outside a couple times a week and walk/bike to work a couple times a week and not dilly-dally until 3 in the afternoon on weekends before getting out of the house.
  3. Review books here on the blog within three days of finishing them. I get behind every year and I get irritated with myself, because I like having a record of what I’ve read. Because I have this tendency to get backlogged (like I am right now), the three-day rule ought to just force me to write whatever crappy review will get it out of my queue and into my online records.
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Good luck with the Big Unnamed Resolution! 🙂

Comment by jenn 01.03.12 @ 7:32 am

These are great resolutions (not least of which because I could say your number 2 and my number whatever, to get outside, are much the same thought).

I also am glad that you acknowledge sometimes your resolutions aren’t made to be public. My biggest ones will never get on my blog either, but you know. So it goes. So here I am, saying whatever it is you aim to do that is scary and exciting and new- I wish you all the best on the journey!

Comment by Mikaiya 01.03.12 @ 5:01 pm

I shall try not to die of curiosity. :<)

I still haven't had the chance to sit down with your Iceland pics, but they are a little treat I look forward to.

Comment by Nan 01.04.12 @ 12:00 pm