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August 13, 2011

week ending
posted by soe 1:39 am

My week, in snippets:

Up earlier on a Saturday to fill water barrels at the garden than I am to go to work during the week.

Rudi’s away for the weekend, but he’s left me a container of sesame noodles to eat for dinner, so I don’t have to scrounge.

I follow it up by baking the half-roll of Gramma cookies that didn’t go to Dad.

Sleep in the middle of the bed.

Farmers’ market: lots of fruit. An almond-plum muffin with strong tea for brunch.

Hot and humid, but there is one person’s worth of shade over the benches in front of Teaism. No one else joins me outside.

A brief, strong rainstorm brings no rainbow, but does bring Rudi home.

We sit at Starbucks as the sun goes down. Rudi talks about the weekend’s rides and festivities while I knit on a sock.

A weekend’s effort brings The Woman in White to a conclusion after nearly three months in progress.

Monday brings disappointment from a deferred deadline.

We seek consolation by watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on a screen down on the Mall and eating a picnic. The sky is pink and the Capitol gleams bright white. The tomatoes are sweet. My grape juice is fizzy. The crowd applauds.

A mid-week watering trip to the garden nets a two-color summer squash, two black cherry tomatoes, and three red chili peppers.

Just a smidgen of rain and the weather cools off to the mid-80s. So pleasant.

A late lunch at the farmers’ market offers me a lassi, a mushroom empanada, a cherry muffin, and a container of raspberries. I carry a bouquet of zinnias back to the office to split with some coworkers.

It’s nearly twilight when I leave the office to walk home. The sky is violet and the clouds on the horizon an inky indigo.

We are all running late, but I am still the first to arrive at the Yards. I get a scoop of blueberry white chocolate ice cream and people watch. Eventually, Rudi, John, and Nicole join me. We sit on a blanket for drinks in the dark and later head out for pizza.

Curling up on the couch with a book while I wait for some delicates soaking in the sink causes an hour to fly past unnoticed. I tell myself “Just one more chapter” over and over and over again.

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I think it took me 5 months to read The Woman in White, and I liked it and was bored at the same time.

Your week sounds marvelous, as does all the food you ate. mmm, fresh raspberries. We’ve been eating them as well, in a yummy kuchen, and with yogurt and granola.

Comment by raidergirl3 08.13.11 @ 8:54 am

@raidergirl3: Mmmm! Kuchen sounds delicious! I admit I like food, so it’s easy to remember the delightful things I eat. I admit I’d be less likely to share if it were all meals of eggs and pasta and Twizzlers.

And I agree with your assessment of The Woman in White. I think it has to do with the plot being used so extensively that you knew immediately what was going to happen that it sometimes just got painful to inch your way towards something that seems so obvious from a modern perspective.

Comment by soe 08.15.11 @ 12:20 am

I’m just about to make my second pan of squares – the kids like it too, so it goes very quickly and I have enough raspberries left for another batch.


eggs and pasta = yummy carbonara, and how funny you said Twizzlers! I bought a bag last night, and you’d think I brought home the best snack ever.

It’s like watching Casablanca for the first time and I found it so cliche, until I realized it was actually the original.

Comment by raidergirl3 08.15.11 @ 7:48 am

@raidergirl3: Thanks for the recipe! I foresee a little baking time coming up (once the a/c is fixed).

Comment by soe 08.18.11 @ 11:16 pm