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August 9, 2011

music on monday: return to pooh corner
posted by soe 12:27 am

It’s late and I want nothing more than to go to bed. In honor of that — and of this being one of my favorite songs inspired by literature — I offer you this tardy song:

Kenny Loggins’ “Return to Pooh Corner” off the album of the same name is a reboot of his more cynical “The House at Pooh Corner” recorded when he was a young man. I fully admit I bought the album because I fell in love with the cover art, but I can also say there’s not a bad song on the cd, and it remains one of my two favorite lullaby albums.

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one of two? and the other?

Comment by raidergirl3 08.09.11 @ 9:51 am

@raidergirl3: The other is Sleepytime Bird, which was a record made by the cast of Sesame Street trying to help Big Bird fall asleep. During my insomniac teens and twenties, the cassette recording my dad had made of the library’s LP when I was a girl was the only thing that would let me fall asleep, and I literally played the cassette to death. (For some reason, lullabies seem less effective when they have a loud screeching running through them.) Luckily, Rudi found me a copy via eBay, and it’s currently sitting at my folks’ house waiting for me to make a cd copy to bring home.

Comment by soe 08.10.11 @ 1:31 am

teens – twenties???!!!!

Too bad DOD doesn’t look at the comments! This will be a test!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mum 08.10.11 @ 10:58 am

@Mum: It’s so much better now than it used to be. Really!

And DOD might know. The LP is, after all, in your front closet! (Or, at least, was…)

Comment by soe 08.15.11 @ 12:12 am