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June 16, 2011

spring again, three, and moonlight swim
posted by soe 11:17 pm

The thing about vacations is that they tend to spawn the need for more time off. I’m glad that the weekend is only one more sleep away. But before I toddle off to bed, I thought I’d share three beautiful things from my past week with you:

1. Spring has been slow to arrive in Salt Lake this year, and to its surrounding mountains even more so. We drive up into them for the afternoon and wonder at the wash of velvety yellow-green coats the aspens are wearing as far as the eye can see (at least until you hit the snow line).

2. A sudden afternoon thunderstorm is gone nearly as quickly as it arrives, but in its wake it leaves behind a triple rainbow arcing over the mountains to our east.

3. The pool next to our room opens early and stays open late. We spend an hour paddling around under the watch of a waxing moon.

Those are just three of the beautiful things from my world this last week. What’s been beautiful in yours?

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Yay swim!! I haven’t been night swimming in way, way too long. I’m glad you got to!

Comment by Jenn 06.17.11 @ 6:41 am

@Jenn: Me too! I don’t know that I’ve been night swimming since I was in high school!

Comment by soe 06.24.11 @ 1:34 am