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December 8, 2005

sick days, pretty yarn, and necklace
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Before I launch on my own list this week, I just wanted to alert my readers that Clare, the original Three Beautiful Things author, now has her own independent domain to rule: http://www.threebeautifulthings.co.uk. I only come up with a list once a week, which gives me plenty of material, but Clare manages to come up with three things every day. I read her site each morning because it reminds me that no matter how crabby I might be there are potentially beautiful things out there that I’m just not seeing.

My own list from the last week:

1. I have always taken sick days for granted, having had relatively good health. And when I had mono shortly after starting at Wesleyan, they didn’t believe in counting sick days, giving me the flexibility to recuperate. I am taking advantage of one of my sick days today to recuperate from whatever bug I picked up from a poor coworker who had no sick days left to take despite her miserable condition this week. I just wish I could share my remaining days with her so she could stay home in bed, too.

2. Rudi emailed me last week to say that our sheep/garlic farmer would be at the market on Sunday with some beautiful yarn. The colors were gorgeous and had been dyed using a new technique for Gretchen. I bought three mini hanks — two raspberry-colored and one in the hues of rust and ripe peach. Gretchen said it was hard to part with this particular yarn — and I understand why. I don’t think these will be knit into gift projects; these are staying with me.

3. Last night I was feeling so poorly that I didn’t notice the packages sitting outside our door and didn’t really care when Rudi came home and brought them in. Inside one was a cd from my monthly music club (always fun), but the second was from my college roomie. She sent me a belated birthday present — a handmade cat card from one craft fair and a gorgeous necklace from another. The necklace is on a peach ribbon and looks like a Christmas bon bon. I can’t wait to wear it!

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