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April 28, 2011

helping hand, support, and a night at the park
posted by soe 11:58 pm

Three beautiful things from my week past before I go make some scones for tomorrow’s early morning tv watching:

1. The escalator is out on the side of the Metro lacking an elevator. A heavily pregnant woman asks her toddler to get out of the stroller and prepares to fold the stroller so she can carry both the child and the equipment up what are now a steep set of stairs. A man passing by pauses to ask, “May I carry that up for you?” She gladly accepts.

2. I procure a couple new bras. The flowery one is a complete surprise — usually truly pretty bras are only to be found in smaller sizes.

3. Rudi and I catch two of the three Mets-Nationals games this week. Although Tuesday’s had our preferred outcome of a Mets win, Thursday is truly a perfect example of a spring baseball game. Sarah and Julia hold the other pair of tickets for the night, and spending an evening with friends always makes for a nicer experience. Plus, the storms have moved on, leaving behind clear skies, dry air, and comfortable temperatures. Puffy clouds sit along the horizon, turning shades of persimmon and orchid with the sunset, while the river behind us reflects a lavender sky. Generally jovial crowds are interspersed throughout the ballpark, offering up the occasional cheer or chant. On the field, the teams are well matched. There are diving catches galore, long balls, pop ups, stolen bases, and bases protected. There are fast-balls and off-speed curves. There are bunts and a well executed squeeze play. And there is dramatic tension right up through the final batter of the night, who could have changed the outcome of the game with a swing of his bat.

How about you? What beautiful things have you been noticing this week?

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Yay flowery bra!! I, on the other end, often have the opposite problem – it’s really hard to find a plain bra in my size! It took me FOREVER to find a nude-coloured one. Everything’s patterned or bright red.

Hope you enjoyed the scones! I had to settle for the Dunkin Royal Wedding donuts, as I’m banned from baking until we move (well, only when there’s going to be a showing of our house!)

Comment by Jenn 04.29.11 @ 7:46 am

Flowery or plain is fine by me. How about one without the ridiculously thick padding? 🙂

Our violets are in bloom now. I have little bouquets of them all over the house. I particularly like the tiny scented ones. They smell so good and keep surprisingly well in a vase.

Comment by Karen 04.29.11 @ 10:01 am

@Karen: What’s up with the padding on bras these days? Honestly, it makes me practically another size larger, and I don’t need that!

And you know I love violets!

@Jenn: I already have a red bra. Two seems like overkill.

I did enjoy the scones. Half were plain and half I added crystallized ginger to. Yum! I thought Dunkin’s wedding doughnuts were pretty good. They used to sell them (in a heart-free version) as Manager’s Specials at one of the local shops when I was in high school.

Comment by soe 05.12.11 @ 4:03 pm