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April 19, 2011

getting faster
posted by soe 1:27 am

On each successive round of Sock Madness, I am getting faster, but so are the rest of my competitors. I was one of the final five finishers of this round and expect that the next competitive round (which won’t start until next week) will knock me out of the running. But in the meantime, I’m basking in the fact that I’ve knit three complete pairs of socks in the past five weeks. The latest pair took me a mere eight days.

We got the pattern on Friday evening. I finished the first sock Monday night. On Tuesday evening, I cast on the second sock. It was a chilly evening at the ballpark:


We won the game, but I didn’t get past the toe.

Luckily, when you’re knitting the second sock, you start to know the pattern a bit better, so it goes quickly. I knit Wednesday after work, but took Thursday off for another ball game. Friday, I knit, knit, knit as fast as my fingers could fly until I got so tired I started to make stupid cabling mistakes.


I was not so tired that I didn’t notice, so I fixed them and toddled off to bed.

Saturday morning, I set the alarm and got up to knit. I barely took breaks, and by teatime I had a finished pair.


And, just as importantly, a spot in the next round.


The pattern is Dangerous Turns and the yarn is Hairball Yarn‘s wool-bamboo-nylon blend in a coral hue. It’s one of the skeins the dyer generously sent me after the Tour de France knit-along last year.


I used US1.5 circular needles for the foot and US2 dpns for the leg.


And I’m very happy with how they turned out.

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I like that color. It looks like you’re wearing orange sorbet on your feet.

Comment by Grey Kitten 04.28.11 @ 12:45 pm