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March 27, 2011

energy conservation is sexy
posted by soe 1:53 am

In honor of Earth Hour, an international event created to raise awareness of energy conservation, Rudi and I turned off our computers, unplugged most of our electronics, and prepared to embrace the darkness of a Saturday night in early spring.

I lit candles, Rudi tidied up a bit, and we brewed a pot of tea. Then, as 8:30 rolled around, we turned off the last light in the Burrow and settled in. There was some ambient street noise, but far less than either of us expected.

I knit (albeit slowly) along on Rudi’s sock. Rudi pulled out his guitar and a Beatles songbook, and he played music for me, and we sang and talked about the songs.

The hour flew by and was well on its way through a second one when we realized we hadn’t yet had dinner, so we flipped a few switches in order to cook some food. Otherwise, I think we could easily have stayed in the darkness quite contentedly for the rest of the night.

Every time we do something like this, we say we should do it more often. I hope this time we’ll follow through on it, because it was just about the perfect date night.

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What a nice evening! I hope you do follow through and do it again!

Comment by Jenn 03.27.11 @ 8:11 pm

@Jenn: Thanks! Me too!

Comment by soe 03.29.11 @ 1:32 am