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March 10, 2011

ninety, nice to meet you, and t’is the season
posted by soe 11:03 pm

It’s been one of those weeks…

I contemplated offering you a list with items like “A car so uninteresting that when vandals break in, they don’t even bother to take the spare change.”


Except for those really crappy things that seem to be arriving daily this week, a lot of lovely things actually occurred. It would be a shame to give short shrift to those just because some others made faces at me.

So I give you instead, three really beautiful things from my past week:

1. 90 and going strongGramma turned 90 on Monday, but we all agree that the math must be a little funky because 90 is ancient and Gramma is not. I mean, she’s old, but she’s not old. We celebrated with a family party on Sunday that brought nearly 20 of her loved ones together for a buffet dinner that Mum spent a full week cooking up from scratch. Mum also created these great poster collages with photos from nine decades of Gramma’s life that everyone just poured over, and Dad compiled a soundtrack that he burned to cd as a memento for all the guests.

2. Saturday afternoon, I drove out to Rhode Island to have a long overdue lunch with Karen and to meet the newest member of her household. Livia is two months old this week, and I was delighted to finally get to make her darling acquaintance. I also got to spend some time with my favorite toddler, Marshall, who was all flirty and adorable.

3. Samoas can get you through any number of crises, and some days it’s imperative to eat one before breakfast. I’m glad it’s Girl Scout cookie season and that we are acquainted with parents of Brownies.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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I hear you. It’s been that kind of week for the last two weeks around here too. So I’m happy that you have had some good things to enjoy too!

If you know of anyone that still has Samoas to sell, please send them my way. They do tend to fix a lot of things!

How did you do with the Alan Bradley/Flavia book?

Comment by Debby 03.14.11 @ 9:22 pm

@Debby: I liked the Alan Bradley book and definitely will seek out the others, although perhaps not right away. Oh! And I’ve heard rumor that there’s a website where you can plug in your location and it’ll tell you where to find your closest GS cookie sale. Samoas really do help with those big problems!

Comment by soe 03.21.11 @ 2:08 am