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February 17, 2011

honestly, cat
posted by soe 1:54 am


Dear Corey,

I get why it is that we have to hide all the carbs in the microwave to prevent you from stealing croissants and cookies and bread.

And I get why it is that I have had to learn to put my knitting away, no matter how short a period it is that I’m going to be away from the couch.

But, for the love of all that is feline, can you please explain to me why it is that you insist on devouring our shoelaces?!? They are not good for you, and dealing with that fact is definitely not good for us.

Please keep this in mind in the future.


soe and Rudi

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Why devour shoelaces:
1. they move like snakes behind your feet when you walk
2. If they are plastic, they are probably made with fish oils (this is why electrical cords are so delicious)
3. If they are not plastic, then maybe they are made from delicious animals
4. You laugh at me when I’m doing it, which is nice. Or you scream, which is also attention and therefore nice.
5. I can hear the nasty things the shoelaces say about you, even if you can’t hear or understand their language. I protect you.
6. When I suck on shoelaces, I can taste all the wonderful places you have been all day so it’s like an adventure for my mouth.
7. I shouldn’t tell you this, but it’s funny to cats when you guys trip. Should be obvious to you, but I’ll probably get in trouble for revealing that secret.

Comment by Grey Kitten 02.17.11 @ 2:33 am

Oh, Corey. Silly boy.

(he’s certainly a cutie, isn’t he?!)

Comment by Jenn 02.17.11 @ 7:39 am

Mojo likes anything stringlike. We’ve had some really unpleasant ribbon incidents and he’s lucky to be alive. He also likes to break into potato chip bags, ingesting some of the bag along the way. I do wish it were possible to explain to cats that some things are just no good to eat!

Comment by Karen 02.17.11 @ 1:34 pm

@GK: Hmmm… None of those sound like compelling reasons.

@Jenn: He is cute, but such trouble!

@Karen: The others have all shown some fondness for those things occasionally, but nothing like this. He is a crazy, self-destructive cat!

Comment by soe 02.18.11 @ 12:05 am