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September 8, 2010

posted by soe 12:35 pm

To update the last post: Washington Area Rescue League won’t take strays. They said we could take him to the Humane Society, but as they’re an overcrowded shelter lacking a no-kill policy, we opted not to partake of that option.

They also said that his behavior toward our three cats might not be one of aggression, but more one of fear and lack of prior exposure.

Their advice was to call the P.G. County Animal Shelter and file a formal lost cat report and ask to foster the cat in our home during the waiting period. They said after that time had elapsed the cat was ours and they could legally accept him as a surrendered pet at that point.

I understand that they don’t want to adopt out an animal that could belong to someone. But the whole, we have to make him ours and then give him up is just a cruel trick designed to make us feel guilty and keep him.

I’m not saying it won’t work, but merely saying it’s a mean-spirited response to what was, essentially, a well-intentioned act.

And in the meantime, the kitten is back in the bathroom…

ETA: The woman from P.G. County just returned my message from yesterday. She’s filed the report, but says their policy says the kitten doesn’t legally change ownership for 30 days. Again, I understand the policy, but c’mon people! Work with us here!

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Aww, jeez! That’s SO unhelpful! ARGH! I’m sorry!

Have you called your vet to see if they have any suggestions? Or will take the kitten themselves? Some vets will.


Comment by Jenn 09.08.10 @ 2:08 pm