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August 12, 2010

om, energy, and happily ever after for the day
posted by soe 11:29 pm

Thursday again! Is it possible they’re coming faster than they used to? Regardless, here are three beautiful things that happened since the last one rolled around:

1. The sound of an entire room reverberating on “om” at the end of a yoga class is magical.

2. Arcade Fire, an 8-member band from Canada, fills up the stage with multiple instruments and people running from one to the next, but it’s honestly one of the most joy-filled stage shows I’ve seen. They whip the crowd up to a frenzy and leave everyone in a happy mood to head home.

3. Rudi and I head to the Circle to enjoy the end of the weekend. I feast on blackberry and coconut gelato, while Rudi opts for yellow peach and watermelon sorbet. As the sun slips down in the sky, we move homeward and are treated to a clear sky filled with a gorgeous sunset of pinks and salmons and oranges.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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Oh yes, the magical OMMMMMMMM….I usually get chills down my spine from that. 🙂

Comment by shizzknits 08.13.10 @ 10:13 am