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October 2, 2005

i love this man…
posted by soe 7:20 am

The most amazing person elected in the last year.

He will one day be president. And I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that.

I told the Bangladeshi man at the restaurant that this man was the future of the party, the presidency, and the country when we were discussing politics with him in London. He wasn’t aware of him, but I bet he’ll check him out and be impressed. I know I was when I first heard him speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

(Thanks to Erik for passing the link along.)

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Obama’s posting is very well written and hits upon some very valid criticisms of the “squawker nation” of online activsts (e.g. those on DailyKos, MyDD and other left-wing blogs).

However, I hope that Sen. Obama is reading the responses from some members of the same blogosphere he takes to task. This posting from a member of the DailyKos community sends a challenge back to Sen. Obama and other congressional Dems who are asking for leniency and understanding. Unfortunately, politics is not a “gentleman’s game” these days, and the Democrats need to stand up in a unified front and take the Republicans to task.

It’s time for the Democrats to lead. I hope that Sen. Obama takes the reins and assumes some of the leadership that is sorely missing in today’s Democratic party.

Comment by Rudi 10.02.05 @ 12:18 pm