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July 12, 2010

i’m not done with this weekend yet…
posted by soe 12:26 am

May I please have another?

I admit that sometimes I squander my weekends away. I mean, I appreciate them greatly — each and every time — but sometimes I do that from a prone and unconscious position. And sometimes from in front of the computer.

But this weekend, I promise, I used it wisely.

I started it by heading to Teaism with my knitting and enjoying a lassi and chocolate salty oat cookie in the lovely summer evening. Then I joined Rudi, Sarah, and Julia for a 3D showing of Toy Story 3. I laughed. I cried. I’m not sure that it was better than Cats or even than cats. But it was quite good. And then we went out for pizza and stayed out late just chatting.

Saturday, I slept in a smidge. I did some laundry. I ate tuna fish sandwiches with Rudi. I finished a book. We drank lassis. (Not lassies. That would be weird.) We watched the blue jay baby figure out how to get up to the air conditioner. I got my toenails painted a sparkly purple. We went to the Washington Club where we and others celebrated our friends Susan and Phillip’s recent wedding. It was lovely. The food was terrific. They had the loudest string group I’ve ever encountered, which helped add to the festive atmosphere. They had a whole table devoted to desserts. And, most importantly, Susan and Phillip just looked so utterly happy and in love. We all finished the night at the bar next door.

Today, we watched the Tour de France. We watched the World Cup final. I went to the farmers’ market. I ate a very tasty French pastry and drank strong tea. We went to the pool. We went to the garden and watered and weeded and planted. We dined on blueberries and corn on the cob and chicken and zucchini. We watched an episode of The Mentalist and the last of the latest batch of Miss Marples. I played with the cats. We admired how much the baby blue jay has grown and changed in the four days we’ve known him. We chatted with our families. I finished the next clue of the sock I’m test knitting and encountered no snags.

And yet … yet … I want more time. I want to read another book. I don’t want to clean, but I want to achieve some semblance of tidiness. I want to listen to a baseball game on the radio. I want to go berry picking. I want to go on a bike ride. I want to call up friends and chat with them about what they’ve been up to lately. I want to barbecue. I want to picnic. I want to get up early and doze on a blanket in the early morning sunshine.

I admit it. I’m greedy. I just want more.

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Do you remember that Christmas song What I Want for Christmas by Nicole Blackman? In it, she recites a great list of things that she wants, ranging from I Want You to Stop Bothering Me to Peace On Earth – lots of interesting things and the song is addictive. Your weekend seems just like that – very busy and very interesting. Go, bluejay.

Comment by DOD 07.12.10 @ 7:59 am

Weekends and vacations are never long enough.

Aww, bluejay!!

Comment by Jenn 07.13.10 @ 5:24 am