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July 1, 2010

hunk, thanks publishers, and early dismissal
posted by soe 10:31 pm

It’s the Thursday before a long weekend, which is beautiful in its own right. But let’s be a bit more specific, shall we? Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. After dropping by a fundraiser in Northeast, I head a few doors down to a relatively new restaurant — Dangerously Delicious Pies. [Jenn, I just heard you squeal from 400 miles away!] At a friend’s recommendation, I have the last slice (or hunk, as my grandfather would have said) of the Baltimore Bomb, a delicious concoction that combines a cookie crust covered with chocolate and filled with a vanilla chess custard. And did I mention that they warm it up before serving it?

2. Twenty (or so) soon-to-be-published books to read (and review). Totally makes working through the weekend worth it.

3. On Monday afternoon, we finish packing the booth up by 4 and head home early. There is enough time in my evening to knit at Teaism while sipping a mango juice and then come home for a pre-dinner nap with Rudi.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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Comment by Jenn 07.02.10 @ 5:27 am

Pie restaurant yay – except I’m gluten free so couldn’t eat any of them, most likely (DH could and it looks like they’d have some he’d like).

I’m squealing at #2! Do you really get to read and review books even if it’s not for a living? Need any help? 🙂

Comment by MJ 07.02.10 @ 8:18 pm

@Jenn: I knew you’d be excited!

@MJ: That sucks about the gluten allergy, although I’m definitely seeing more awareness on menus than I did several years ago, so I’m sure pie is just around the corner… As for the books, I was working at the American Library Association conference and the publishers give away review copies. Presumably they hope that a librarian is going to pick it up and read it and like it enough to order several copies for their library, but they don’t explicitly say that. So I’ve picked up a bunch of books and will try to read them and review them near when they’re coming out. I may give some of them away, too (after I’ve read them, of course), as 15 new books require space I just don’t have!

Comment by soe 07.07.10 @ 12:59 am