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June 15, 2010

the event of the season
posted by soe 12:50 am


It’s so good to see you back. You’re looking well. A little color in your cheeks that wasn’t there when you left.

Me? Yes, I admit I did get a smidge of sun last weekend.

No, we didn’t make it out to the shore. We stayed in town for the event of the season.

Yes, I think the invitation must have arrived after you left, because nearly everyone who was anyone was there.

Well, you see, the gang met up at the old Meridian Hill Park … (Incidentally, did you know that some people are now calling it Malcolm X Park? You did? You always have been tuned in to that Bohemian scene…)

… where we met up with some other people …


Stylin' Ride

Perfectly Posh

… to bike through Rock Creek Park up to the Hillwood Estate.


I know! Marjorie really does know how to throw a party. I didn’t see her the whole day, but it was just like her. So elegant.

Cocktail, Anyone?

And so much better than last year’s garden party. The gin held out the whole evening this time, so we didn’t have to break into the good stuff locked away from the sort of reprobate who might drink too much.

Rudi's Last Call

And while it did sprinkle just the tiniest bit early in the evening, it wasn’t enough for any of us to have to seek shelter. I mean, I wouldn’t have wanted it ruin my new hat.

Yes! I bought it just for the occasion and it went smashingly with my white linen dress. Julia had a darling little hat on, too.

Julia and John

Rudi, John, and Michael all bought new seersucker outfits for the day. Honestly, I sometimes think those boys are even more worried about their looks than we girls are!

Waiting in the Gin Line

Did you pick up any new fashion tips while you were out of town?

Really?! They’re making a comeback? I wouldn’t have guessed that. Here, the summer dress definitely looks to be frocks that come to just below the knee.

Last Minute Call

Festive in Green

Some daring girls are starting to wear shorter skirts and even trousers out in public, but they’re mostly the ones who want to shock the crowd. And a few of the guys are mixing their patterns in new and bold ways.


A Study in Contrasts


But the hats might be where I could get away with some more outrageous ideas.

Flowery HatSummer Bonnet

Yellow HatArts and Crafts

What do you mean, did I do anything besides idly watch the people walk by? Honestly! What didn’t we do?

We played croquet …


… and strolled the grounds …

A Stroll by the Stone Bridge

… and ate this strawberry ice cream I heard someone call gelato. (I don’t know about that. I just called it delicious and so cool on such a hot day.)

Oh? I didn’t mention the heat? It was simply crazy, darling. Crazy! Mid-90s with very high humidity! We were dripping!

This one couple was so warm they even went tripping through the pool!


We opted not to play golf, lawn bowling, or badminton or to hula hoop.

Lawn Bowling

Hula Hooping

Instead we curled up on the shaded lawn and watched the entertainment. In the afternoon there was a jazz trio. Later there was a violinist. And then a smart-looking young man with a pompadour came on with a guitar and played and sang for us.

The Evening's Entertainment

Some people even got up and danced!

Dancing Boys



And then there was nothing left to do but pedal home into the sunset.

Truly, dearest, the evening could only have been improved by having you in town to join us. I so hope you’re able to make it to the next big event. I hear it’s going to be simply smashing.

What, darling? You want more? I may have taken a few photographs. Rudi’s snaps may include a shot or two of my chapeau. And Michael has created a work of art that you simply must view.

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What a fantastic post!! 🙂

(and what a good time you must have had!)

Comment by Jenn 06.15.10 @ 5:22 am

@Jenn: We did have a fantastic time. Oh, and I added links at the end to a movie our friend Michael made that you should watch.

Comment by soe 06.15.10 @ 8:13 am

Simply marvellous.

Comment by Shani 06.15.10 @ 9:39 am

This post was almost like being there! How I loved it.

Comment by Nan 06.15.10 @ 9:40 am

You city slickers sure know how to have a good time.

Comment by DOD 06.15.10 @ 10:25 am

@Shani: Indeed it was.

@Nan: Thank you.

@DOD: We try. Some days you just need to leave the cockroach races and rat cage matches (and CNN) behind.

Comment by soe 06.15.10 @ 11:37 am