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May 30, 2010

i’m having a grumbly day
posted by soe 12:20 am

This is the second beginning to this post. The original intro was full of grumps and sighs and would have been painful to read by everyone — including me. But I will leave in the five silver linings I found that helped cheer me up. Because I think that might be the important part…

1. Last night marked the inaugural Friday night Jazz in the Sculpture Garden for the season. Sarah, Rudi, and I all left work early, and Sarah and I secured a well apportioned spot. There was laughter (we each felt it paramount to bring a baguette) and brownies and other tasty food and a chance to catch up and look forward at the summer. And even though by the time John arrived we had eaten a sufficient amount for our dinners, we all had more. The music was nice, if a bit muted, the damp didn’t seep too much through the blankets if you laid just so, and the rain held off right until the end, when it gave us enough time to pack up before coming down in buckets. And by that point it just seemed funny. It was a slow-moving storm because Rudi and I took the yellow line with John as far as U Street and the rain hadn’t yet made it there by the time we resurfaced. Although it caught up with us again on our walk home, we had umbrellas and rain hats and nowhere to be and tea to be brewed at home, so we were just as glad as not to see it.

2. The sock I cast on this morning is too big and will need to be ripped out and restarted. This is just as well because I messed up by missing a piece of information and the sock was not looking as pretty as it ought to have. After all, I hadn’t gotten all that far … and, when I cast it back on, there will be six fewer stitches in each round.

3. Despite three stations sending out their fire trucks (including two hook and ladders), there was no fire at the restaurant across the street from us.

4. I was concerned a friend was upset with me, but she called this afternoon and it seems like everything is okay.

5. My book, which I bought from a second-hand shop, is missing a chapter. But it’s a middle one and the action that occurs in it can be surmised. It was much, much worse that time I bought a book only to find the end was gone.

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