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May 6, 2010

ruffles, prize, and bats
posted by soe 11:23 pm

I spent four hours at an author event this evening and came home exhausted but happy. But now isn’t the time to talk about such things and instead should be focused on looking back at three beautiful things from the past week:

1. A curly-haired imp runs by. She is wearing a red tutu and sports a yellow SpongeBob umbrella.

2. My dentist and I talk music at my visit this week. As I’m about to leave, he hands me a mix cd. It feels much like getting to pick out a cool plastic gem ring at the dentist when I was a kid.

3. Biking home from the ballpark, Rudi and I ride along a nearly deserted Mall. Peering up into the spotlights aimed at the top of the Washington Monument, I realize that what I initially thought was an aircraft or shooting star or satellite is instead one of more than a dozen bats looping around after bugs hundreds of feet up the air. We stop and stare at the tiny dots so high up (seemingly) peacefully zooming about. As we tear ourselves away, Rudi says, “Definitely a beautiful thing.” Indeed.

Anything beautiful in your world this week? Share with us!

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BATS!! I love bats!!

Comment by Jenn 05.07.10 @ 1:46 pm