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May 4, 2010

breaking news!
posted by soe 2:20 am

This just in:

Jeremiah Doesn't Care about Socks

One Sprite has just been reported to have removed her knitting needles from two (Repeat: TWO) projects. She is alleged to have followed up this activity by weaving in ends.

Finished Pairs

Onlookers expressed surprise at this turn of events. Rumors had long swirled that Sprite had given up finishing projects, particularly sock projects.

Jeremiah and Rudi's Snapes

The first socks finished were started back in September and are reported to be Fox Faces by the famed Nancy Bush. Reporters are led to believe this pattern was what is known as a “mystery pattern,” where clues are released part by part until a completed picture is revealed. They are said to be knit in Three Irish Girls Adorn yarn in the Cian colorway acquired in 2009 at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

Yellow Mysteries

The second pair were supposedly knit in Shelby B’s Boo yarn, a bamboo/merino blend, in the Knight Bus colorway at the request of one Rudi. He claims to have picked out the yarn himself at last year’s Sheep & Wool Festival. He also says the perpetrator selected the pattern, Snape, herself before renaming the project Snape Boards the Bus in a misguided attempt to be cute.

Snape Boards the Bus, Modeled

When last heard from she was plotting about yarn to wind and new socks to begin. Readers are cautioned that the suspect is highly suggestible and should be approached by appealing patterns with caution.

Snape Boards the BusYellow Mystery Socks

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Both pairs are lovely!!

Comment by Jenn 05.04.10 @ 5:23 am

@Jenn: Thank you! I was really excited to have finished them.

Comment by soe 05.04.10 @ 11:01 am