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April 15, 2010

taxman, rock & roll music, and please mr postman
posted by soe 3:54 pm

It’s gorgeous today, the sort of weather that just begs for patios to be taken advantage of or windows of brand new offices to be opened. (Oh, yes!) To celebrate, let’s think back on three beautiful things from the past week:

1. I’m one of the few people in the country who don’t mind paying taxes. So I was happy to send off my check today in order to have nicer roads, better schools, and protected national parks and seashores.

2. Spinner and AOL Music provided me with lots of good, new releases to listen to this week including cds by Kaki King, Tom Lehrer, Straight No Chaser, and MGMT. I’ll definitely be picking up at least a few of them on Saturday during Record Store Day.

3. Despite not having sent out real mail in far too long, I was the recipient of both a cd and an honest-to-goodness letter this week. I think I’d better work on getting some outgoing mail written this weekend to continue this exciting trend.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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