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April 13, 2010

10 on tuesday
posted by soe 7:50 pm

Every week Carole offers a Ten on Tuesday meme. This week’s asks for your ten favorite tv shows:

  1. Castle — I love character-driven shows and this one is populated with lots of well-thought-out personalities. Castle and Beckett have great chemistry, but it’s Castle’s interactions with his daughter and (until recently) live-in mother are what moves this show up to the top of the list.
  2. The Big Bang Theory — Ah, nerds! We missed much of this season with the transition to digital tv, which resulted in a temporary but prolonged loss of CBS. We have it back now (most nights) and look forward to catching up with what happened after the guys left for Antarctica last spring.
  3. Glee — It’s interesting, because the writing on this show isn’t great and the songs are often over-produced, but I love it anyway. The kids seem like real, if often one-dimensional, teenagers, and it’s great fun to sing along with the soundtrack. If you somehow missed this show in the fall, turn in tonight.
  4. Bones — “Quirky” is probably my highest praise for characters and this forensic drama is populated with them. Our appreciation for David Boreanaz in this show has even made us investigate one of his earlier shows, Buffy.
  5. Chuck — We missed the first few seasons of Chuck because it conflicted with other shows we liked. However, the aforementioned channel blackout effectively took them off the air, leaving us with plenty of time to watch this fun spy show.
  6. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson — He sings. He dances. He doesn’t have a script. He crosses lines left and right. Funniest guy on tv.
  7. A Mets or Nationals game — I don’t watch baseball indiscriminately, but am more than happy to watch my two favorite teams play. We don’t have cable and have lost Channel 50 (which airs a Nats game once a week), so we’ll have to rely on the Fox Game of the Week to help us out with this one.
  8. Mystery — PBS is lost to us these days which has directly affected how much more often our tv is turned off these days. But when we had access to it, we loved the Sunday nights where we got to follow Miss Marple, Inspector Lewis, or Lynley and Havers.
  9. The Mentalist — Emotionally stunted ex-con man Patrick Jane helps a California Bureau of Investigation team solve murders with the hopes that they will enable him to catch the mobster who murdered his wife and daughter.
  10. Masterpiece Classic — Again, no longer accessible, but oh! what great BBC costume dramas these are! Dickens, Gaskell, Austen…

Numb3rs would have made the list, too, because I really liked the family dynamics of the show and might have a small crush on Charlie’s character, but it ended its run earlier this year.

How about you? What are your top ten tv shows?

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see, i actually like the snarky writing on Glee. But I most definitely agree that the numbers are sometimes, if not a lot of times, over produced. It’s sinful to butcher the BEATLES and the DOORS in the same episode!

Comment by laura 04.15.10 @ 7:54 am

@Laura: Oh, I don’t mind the snark. It’s the plot holes you can drive a bus through that can start to get on my nerves.

Comment by soe 04.15.10 @ 3:25 pm