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March 23, 2010

heading west
posted by soe 3:41 am

Rudi and I will be hopping on a plane to Utah in just over 12 hours and will be away for a week. My internet connectivity will be spotty (as Rudi’s mom still believes we’re living in 1982), but since I will be doing office work a couple of days from someplace with wi-fi, I expect to continue posting regularly. I’m particularly hopeful that I might get caught back up with my book blogging, which seems to have derailed right around when I headed out to California last month. I figure that my mojo must be stuck out west someplace and perhaps we’ll reconnect in Salt Lake…

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Have a safe trip!

Comment by Jenn 03.23.10 @ 7:25 am

Thanks, Jenn!

Comment by soe 03.24.10 @ 6:56 pm

My mom is in the same time warp. Hope you’re having a nice trip.

Comment by Madame Purl 03.26.10 @ 8:29 pm