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February 23, 2010

posted by soe 5:06 am

I’d like to tell you that I’ve been composing blog entries in my head and just haven’t had time to post them, but that would be a lie.

I have been having fun.

I have been sleeping.

I have been busy.

I’ll write more when I have a chance, but it might not be until I get back to D.C.

Tomorrow Danny and I are going to try to see San Diego’s newest panda cub, Yun Zi. I’d better get some sleep!

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Comment by Jenn 02.23.10 @ 8:06 am

At first, the only evidence we collected of our visit would really have only proved that we went to the panda enclosure, and that we saw what might have been a baby panda or might have been the Guinness Book of World Records largest fuzzy caterpillar. Thank goodness we went back before leaving the zoo and he was recognizable as a panda.

Comment by Grey Kitten 02.24.10 @ 1:28 pm

So glad you are enjoying your trip, though it’s for work! A Happy belated Birthday to you too!

Comment by Debby 02.24.10 @ 4:43 pm

@Jenn: Yes!

@GK: I do think that the cub might have had a late night of partying and that they just brought a large caterpillar over to sub in for him early in the morning. It’s nice when you can get a stand-in that looks just like you…

@Debby: Thanks for the well wishes. The reason for the trip was work, but I concluded it with a couple days of vacation, so it ended up being lovely.

Comment by soe 02.27.10 @ 2:09 pm