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February 14, 2010

posted by soe 11:58 pm

My birthday was today.

We celebrated with French pastries for brunch and pizza for dinner with friends. The phone calls and emails and Ravelry messages poured in from loved ones far and wide.

And then Rudi and I dozed off together curled up on the couch.

It was a good day.

I hope you had one, too.

Snow Diva

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Geez Louise! Take those two numbers, switch them around and subtract one, and that’s me this month. But surprisingly, 36 doesn’t seem that long ago. My oldest child was two and my youngest wasn’t born. Amazing. Maybe it does seem that long ago. :<) Anyhow, a belated happy day to you. And I love the name Rudi. (Did you build the snow woman?)

Comment by Nan 02.15.10 @ 10:27 am