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December 30, 2009

back in d.c.
posted by soe 11:58 pm

Rudi and I returned to D.C. tonight after a week up in Connecticut. Our cats still had food and water (thanks, Amani!), the Burrow wasn’t flooded, and a pile of Christmas cards awaited our arrival.

I would tell you more about the day’s adventures, but I have to go to bed so we can get up early to run past the police station for a temporary parking pass and then figure out our movie marathon schedule/lineup.

Check back tomorrow for the final three beautiful things of the year and later in the week for some round-up type posts for 2009.


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Sorry I didn’t get to see you while you were in CT, but not only did my cold linger, but I also wrenched my back and was a very unhappy person for several days. I hope we can get together the next time you’re up. I will definitely try not to get sick again. 🙂

Comment by Karen 12.31.09 @ 11:52 am