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November 6, 2009

weekend planning
posted by soe 11:10 pm

Although I haven’t given this weekend’s activities a lot of forethought, I would like to accomplish a few things:

  1. I need to get down to the garden. It’s probably time to harvest the final tomatoes, whether they’re ripe now or not. Plus, I should have some more peppers that are ready. The chard has been a staple and I believe there ought to be some lettuce ready for harvest.
  2. A trip to the library. I owe them a few bucks for a video I forgot to return, and I’d like to borrow some new things.
  3. Come up with a cleaning game plan for the next month. Rudi has scheduled a bike ride the morning of our holiday party, which means that we cannot count on getting the majority of it taken care of that day. People seem to keep tidy houses on a regular basis, so I’m sure that if we just plot it out (and stick to it), we could, too. At least for a month.
  4. Deal with the clothing transition. All the clothing I own seems to be out right now. There is not enough room in the Burrow for that to continue. This task will also probably necessitate laundry.
  5. Bake. I have several pounds of apples in the fridge. It’s time for the apple crisp. Possibly also some apple sauce, depending on some of those apples. I have a pumpkin in the kitchen, too. Ooh, and quince and plums in the fridge…
  6. Knit. Mum’s shawl only needs a bit more work. And I should really get around to weaving in all the ends on my fingerless mitts, rather than just wearing them with the yarn tucked inside. (I’ve just been thinking of it as extra insulation…) And I just have to knit the foot of my sock to have a new pair done. And Christmas is something crazy like 45 days away! Oh, and I should email Heidi to ask what size her twins are so I can get started on the sweater she asked me to to finish for her last spring.
  7. Read. I picked up a large number of used books last month and should probably work on reading some more of them. And I bought a new novel tonight while at a book reading.
  8. Hit the farmers’ market. We’ll definitely need milk. Also, sweet potatoes and celery, if it’s there (or celeriac, if it’s not). And maybe some ricotta to make a lasagna…
  9. Start the Christmas mix cd I’ve been talking about making for several years now. Rudi will be gone most of the day, which makes it a fine time to poke through the collection. Generally, I’m a no holiday tunes person before Thanksgiving, but leaving it that late in the season almost guarantees that it won’t get made.
  10. Maybe we’ll go to the movies. Since Rudi’ll be away, tomorrow is out, but perhaps Sunday. There are several films out I wouldn’t mind seeing.

I guess I should stop there or there will only be disappointment in Mudville come Monday morning! Who knew you could plan so much without planning at all?!

What are you hoping to do this weekend?

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Ohh, what new novel? 😉

HOLY COW – Christmas is 45 days away?!?! AHH AHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Also, I’m so amazed by our weather differences – tomato plants here have been dead for over a month and a half, and we’ve had frost every day for the last 2 weeks. Everything’s dead!

Good luck w/ everything this weekend!

Comment by jenn 11.07.09 @ 9:40 am

@Jenn: You changed emails!

I went to hear Barbara Kingsolver read from The Lacuna last night, so of course I needed a copy for her to sign. I’ve missed her last two D.C. appearances, so I was thrilled to finally get to see her, even if I felt a little fangirlish when I reached her in line.

It’s gotten chilly here and we had a frost warning one night, but I don’t think it was enough to kill off the tomatoes. Of course, Rudi did say they hadn’t fared as well as hoped for when he visited them last week, so I might be in for a shock.

Comment by soe 11.07.09 @ 10:42 am

Hahha! I didn’t mean to change emails – I was using the “downstairs computer” and I guess the autofill filled in the email I generally use for webforms! Hahah! Oops!

Ohhh, new Kingsolver! Neat! I’ll have to get in the library line for that! And going all fangirl is perfectly allowed 😉

Aww, poor tomatoes – I hope you find them alive and cheery!! Or cherry? 😉

Comment by Jenn 11.07.09 @ 11:05 am

You know how I like lists – but this one makes me dizzy!

Comment by Mum 11.07.09 @ 10:27 pm

I didn’t have anything planned and I only ended up doing one thing—I bought a piano.

How crazy is that?

Comment by Karen 11.08.09 @ 5:31 pm

[…] no one really expected me to get through that whole list, right? Because there was just no […]

Pingback by sprite writes 11.09.09 @ 1:55 am

@Karen: A piano is such a cool thing to buy — particularly unplanned!

Comment by soe 11.12.09 @ 11:39 am

@Mum: See, but my lists are more just possibilities than actual things that must get done.

Comment by soe 11.12.09 @ 11:44 am