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July 27, 2005

it’s london, baby!
posted by soe 10:23 pm

Almost anyway. Bristol, actually.

We’ve bought our tickets to my cousin’s wedding in England in mid-September. I’ve come up with an idea for a wedding present. Haven’t bought it yet, mind you, but I’m feeling better about things than I was a week ago.

I will rent a cell phone while I’m there this time. No point in repeating the problem of our first trip when we managed to miss meeting up with Erik for dinner. I’d hate to miss Caroline’s wedding simply because I’d gotten lost or something stupid like that.

Should I buy a new guidebook? Ours are 4-5 years old. Should we fly to Austria or Germany or take a train to Paris for a day? Take the ferry to Ireland? Everything is possible right now. It’s almost the best part of the trip. I love this part of things — so much potential.

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