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July 27, 2005

congratulations, kob!
posted by soe 9:29 am

Forbes Magazine has posted their Best of the Web blog listings. Under their City Blogs category, DC Blogs gets a nod.

KOB works hard to keep his finger on top of what’s going on in blogs across the city, in the ‘burbs, and from travelers to the area. He highlights posts he thinks are particularly interesting or well-written or that form the bridges that unite us.

But most of all, he keeps our blogs — and us — from existing in a vacuum. While I could read all the local blogs every day, I don’t. But I know if there’s something I should read, KOB will find it and point me over to share in someone else’s life.

So, thanks, KOB, and congratulations. You deserve the accolades.

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Sprite, you are too nice. But I meant it when I said that this recognition came only because they were wowed by all the great blogs in this city, especially blogs like yours.
Thank you!

Comment by KOB 07.27.05 @ 6:49 pm