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September 18, 2009

free, online, and old friends
posted by soe 12:18 am


My eyes are closing, but here are three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Our photo service at work has been down for the last few days and I’m up against a deadline that requires some pictures. The National Park Service comes to the rescue with public domain shots (and buggy code, but stuff that was easily fixable once I realized what they’d done). My new graphic for our work page looks very pretty.

2. We lost PBS and CBS entirely during the digital conversion. Recently, we realized PBS puts Mystery! online for two weeks after airing, so we’re caught up with Inspector Lewis.

3. I haven’t talked to Jason in ages but have a vague recollection of Rudi sharing a Facebook update on him while I was half asleep. I call to offer congratulations, and he picks up the phone with the happiest sounding “Soe!” I’ve heard in a long time. It’s good to catch up with him and Essia and to hear all about the excitement in their world these days. Online updates are fine, but there’s just something about hearing a voice on the line that can really brighten up your whole day.

What beautiful things have you noticed this week?

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Michael built us a campfire. It was a clear, chilly night, perfect for a fire. We had so much fun that we’ve resolved to have one every week for as long as the weather allows.

Comment by Karen 09.20.09 @ 8:22 pm

Karen, that sounds like an utterly magical way to spend the evening. I can practically smell the wood smoke…

Comment by soe 09.23.09 @ 2:00 am