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September 3, 2009

moon, sun, and star
posted by soe 11:17 pm

Soooo tired! Must type Three Beautiful Things and then fall into deep sleep:

1. Tonight, Rudi, Julia, and I joined 150 or so other bike riders for the monthly full moon ride sponsored by the local bicycling association. September has the Corn Moon, and it starred in a beautifully clear night sky — perfect for riding along the Potomac and up to Chevy Chase, Maryland, where we stopped for a barbecue before retracing our steps. Julia and I saw a buck just off the path on our way up, and Rudi pointed out a small herd of does as we chatted and pedaled toward home. It was a really nice way to spend an evening, even if we were among the slowest riders there.

2. The office roof deck gets morning and early afternoon sun. At this time of the year, one corner stays sunny until almost 3, giving me just enough time for a few chapters of my novel and a sandwich during my late lunches.

3. As I was heading to the Metro yesterday evening, I passed Helen Thomas. I just refrained from stopping to thank her for her terrier-like qualities in the White House Press Room (particularly during the recent Bush years). Sometimes life just reminds you that you live in a pretty cool place.

What’s been worth noting in your world recently?

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I used to live in DC. You are bringing back beautiful memories. Keep up the blog, you’re a good writer.

Comment by Renae 09.15.09 @ 6:10 am

Thanks, Renae!

Comment by soe 09.15.09 @ 7:59 am

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