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August 27, 2009

learning, leap, and little ones
posted by soe 7:36 am

We’ve got company coming over tonight, which means we’re up early to run around, chicken-like, before work. But I don’t want to forget about TBT in the exhaustion that will inevitably spread over us after our friends head home; really, we’ll need all that memory to recall that Rudi’s mom needs a birthday phone call. So I’ll post now to free up some brain space.

Three beautiful things from last week:

1. There’s a new puppy in the neighborhood. The day I meet her, Rocky is learning “Come,” and there are treats involved. (She’s either a golden retriever or a yellow lab, is 10 weeks old, and has a person, whose name may or may not be Jim.)

2. Torrential rains delay Friday night’s baseball game, but let up after a bit so the game can finish. Fireworks set to painfully transitioned Beach Boys tunes are the highlight of the night, but the puddles on the way out are nearly as good. Apologies to the man in the pink shirt whom I splashed… I didn’t realize the water would go that far…

3. Karen sends me a photo and a video of Marshall (who is growing so fast!), and Jessica emails photos of her newly arrived daughter, Hazel. I love when friends share pictures of their children.

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