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August 24, 2009

monday morning music: i get mad
posted by soe 10:46 am

Today, I clearly got up on the wrong side of the bed because all sorts of things are making me mad.

However, we will look for the silver lining in what’s annoying me:

  • The man who couldn’t be bothered to move his gym bag so that it would stop hitting me on the Metro did not get his toes “accidentally” trodden on when the doors finally let us both out.
  • I thought to put my lunch in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t leak all over my purse.
  • I removed my lunch from my purse before the plastic bag filled with chili “juice” started leaking.
  • When the plastic bag leaked all over the outside of my purse, I was able to quickly wipe it up.
  • The used mystery I bought that turned out to have the ending of the book ripped out? That’ll just prolong my enjoyment of the book, right?
  • I was able to move my rosemary from where it was sitting on our steps inside a little railing outside our door before whoever helped themselves to my aloe and chives stole it, too.
  • Whoever stole my plants will be able to use my aloe for relief after they burn their hand cooking with my chives.

Hmmm… nope. Didn’t work. Still filled with vitriol.

Anyone want to delurk and give me something cheerful to think about in the comments? Good news? Anything?

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The only good news that comes to mind is about a week old, but did you hear that Jessica & Bennett had their baby? It’s a girl, born (I think) last Monday or Tuesday.

Comment by Sarah 08.24.09 @ 11:22 am

Yesterday I saw kids waiting at all the neighborhood bus stops resplendent in their painstakingly-selected back-to-school finery. The image made me happy (and nostalgic) all day.

Comment by Shani 08.25.09 @ 8:48 am

@Sarah: I’d heard about her arrival — and Jess’ photos arrived this morning. What a dear!

Comment by soe 08.25.09 @ 11:28 pm

@Shani: I remember how big a deal that was when I was a kid… Of course, if I were to start a new job, I suppose it would be equally as big a deal today. Thanks for the imagery!

Comment by soe 08.25.09 @ 11:29 pm