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June 27, 2009

my d.c.: mitchell park
posted by soe 1:24 am

Two weekends ago, I spent a warm Sunday afternoon lounging in Mitchell Park, which is a few blocks from the Burrow.

Blue Sky!

The sky was blue.


I sought out shade to eat my lunch and read my book under, far from where the dogs were playing.

Yellow Daylily Hosta Blooms

Hydrangea UnfurlingFull-Blown Hydrangea

The bees were busy investigating all the flowers.

Rudi at the Park

Eventually Rudi came to join me.

The Courts

Periodically, someone would shoot a few hoops at the court. I didn’t hear anyone playing badminton, but that’s a quieter game.

Impromptu Jazz

These two guys just randomly started playing jazz tunes shortly after I arrived. I don’t know if they meet there to practice or if it was a random coincidence, but it totally made for an amazing concert.

Sheltering Tree

It really was a lovely afternoon at Mitchell Park.

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