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April 26, 2009

weekend in review
posted by soe 11:06 pm

Sunday night always seems to sneak up on me. I mean, wasn’t it just Friday? Or at least Saturday?

But if anything my weekend was full.

After some Friday night bike fixes from Rudi (who totally rocks for keeping my bike going), I headed out Saturday morning to join Julia for a charity ride up to Bethesda. Now, the ride left early from Capitol Hill, which is across town from where I live. In the crazy world that is my head, I had no problem getting over there in time to leave for a ride that started before I arrive at work on a normal day. Reality is reality, though, and Julia came up with an alternative meeting point for me so I could meet up with them en route. I overdid it a bit, given that my knees were still feeling last week’s ride (the problem — a seat post that was inclined to sink as I rode — has been fixed), but by 1 p.m. I was home, having ridden 24 miles. I’m not sure if that’s a record for me, but, if not, it has to be close.

After a shower, lunch, and a chat with my family, I headed back out, opting to take a beach towel over to Rose Park where I planned to read, listen to my iPod, and knit. I found some dappled shade, pulled up some grass, and promptly fell asleep listening to the sounds of a live band performing nearby. I’d wake periodically, shift to a new side, and fall back into slumber. Despite the three-hour doze, I still was able to fall asleep last night. Maybe there’s something to this fresh air and exercise idea after all…

Today I headed to the farmers’ market, where I was able to bring home, among other things, the first rhubarb of the season. Then, because it was still a ridiculous 90-something degree day, I opted to stay inside and take care of some of the niggling chores I’d been neglecting. I felt better for it and eventually headed back outside in the late afternoon to run to the library and Trader Joe’s before ending up at the garden.

The radishes are still tiny, but one might guess they were radishes now. The lettuce are small, but sincere. I thinned them both out by bringing home a small handful of greens to make doll-sized salads for Rudi and me. I watered everything and then planted a few more seeds — additional peas and beans and some carrots, which may or may not grow.

I chatted with Grey Kitten and Rudi’s mom (in separate conversations), ate an ice cream cone, and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral while knitting and drinking tea to round out the weekend.

So it went by fast, but I spent a lot of time outside in the sun. That has to count for something right? Next weekend is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, so I expect the fresh air weekend trend to continue then!

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