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March 31, 2009

saturday’s kites
posted by soe 12:07 am

Saturday, we headed across town for our baseball ticket draft. Several hours and 18 baseball tickets later, we decided to walk home from Capitol Hill in order to catch the tail end of the kite festival.

Unfortunately, it was a rather damp day and the festival mostly had run its course by the time we made our way down the Mall. But it’s okay. We saw a few kites anyway.

Some were still aloft:

Butterfly Kite


Others were grounded and awaiting relaunch:

A Slower Way to Move



Others were permanently out of commission:

Charlie Brown Tree

And one was invading:

Terrorist Attack?

Beware, America. Beware!

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Comment by jenn 03.31.09 @ 5:28 am

Wouldn’t that be terrifying?!

Comment by soe 04.17.09 @ 11:16 am