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March 24, 2023

furman, an extra hour, and seeing spring start again
posted by soe 12:01 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. My friend Anna’s alma mater hadn’t made the NCAA men’s basketball tournament since before she was born and then, in their first appearance in over 40 years, upset a #4 seed. We joined her and a couple of her other friends to watch the second round, where her team fought valiantly, but lost.

2. One of the teams in our league has been a no-show for weeks and mostly people stick around to play pickup against their opponents. I noticed this week they had the first slot, so I roused our team to show up early and get in some extra time on the court.

3. I’m up in Connecticut spending some time with my folks. It’s weird coming up at this point in the season, because you literally watch spring disappear as you drive north. But it’s been fun seeing bulbs start to emerge in the couple days I’ve been here and to know that come what may, spring will find New England, too.

What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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It’s definitely spring in Rhode Island. Early spring, anyway. The daffodils are starting to pop, and yesterday the peepers were out. The winter was so gray, and I got used to it, like it would never end. Now the sun is warm and the days are longer, and it seems so weird. Nice, but weird.

Sorry I didn’t get to see you while you were up. I’ve had a cold for every holiday since and including Thanksgiving, and the one I caught for St. Patrick’s Day was a real doozy. I’m still coughing.

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