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December 22, 2022

virtual advent tour 2022: day 22
posted by soe 6:00 am

Virtual Advent Tour 2022

When my brother and I were young, we took piano lessons with Mrs. Wheeler, an older lady who lived nearby who also served as the organist for her local church. (Incidentally, Mrs. Wheeler was a popular teacher in our neck of the woods. Her other clients included, all before I personally knew any of them, the older sister of a classmate, the pitcher on my softball team my sophomore year, and most coincidentally, Karen, my dearest BFF, who was amongst the advanced students.)

Twice a year, we’d have a concert in her living room — once in the spring for our parents and once in December, which I think was just for the students and after which she’d serve us refreshments and give us handmade ornaments. (If my parents put any of ours up, I’ll add a photo later today, but I didn’t think of this post idea until after we’d left home, which is where most of mine are.)

But essentially this meant that we started learning our two Christmas carols in mid-November so that we’d have them in good shape for mid-December.

There’s a possibility there’s an old program downstairs in the piano bench, where our sheet music lives, but I don’t want to wake anyone to find out. Since I don’t have any reference materials for the songs we all would have performed and without video confirmation to the contrary, let’s assume the songs we all would have played went something like this:

Karen, this is how you remember it, too, right?

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll sit down and see if I can play something Christmassy if there’s a time when no one’s around.

Did the rest of you have Christmas performances with instrument teachers?

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Sometimes I really envy your powerful memory. I don’t recall any ornaments or programs. All I remember is the panic I used to feel every time we had a recital! I still have my Christmas sheet music, though. Mrs. Wheeler used to mark the date on the pieces I was studying, and seeing the dates always makes me smile (they get older every year, as do I). Currently my sheet music is all in boxes or I would post a picture of it. I hope that you will find a time to sit down and play something Christmassy this year and that it will bring back more fond memories for you. And maybe next year, if you’re still hosting the Virtual Advent Tour, I’ll play a piece or two for you. I play them better now, and with a little less panic (I hope!).

Comment by Karen 12.22.22 @ 1:14 pm