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July 13, 2022

our 36-hour nyc jaunt
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First thing Friday morning, Rudi and I boarded a bus to New York City to catch a show. We rode Citi Bikes (those New York cyclists are a lawless bunch, but their traffic lights force them to be) to Chinatown, where we were staying, ate a delicious lupper of vegetarian dim sum in a covered streetery, checked out a bookstore, and took a nap in the afternoon. In the evening, we biked up to the theater to take in the penultimate performance of Macbeth, starring Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga (the girl in the flower dress from Agents of SHIELD). Before returning to the hotel, we stopped in Little Italy, in search of a cup of coffee for Rudi and found a patisserie with delicious cannoli, which we took back to our 11th-floor view of lower Manhattan.

Chinatown Mural

The next morning, Rudi got up and caught a flight to Denver, and I bummed around the city for a while longer before catching the bus back to D.C. I returned to Little Italy to a shop where I’d seen Italian ice advertised for a taste of home. I knit for a while in the park across the street from the hotel after checking out. I biked over to one of the tea shops we like and stopped at a street fair en route.

Italian Ice

It was a good trip, and I’m already looking forward to returning in August when we catch two Tony-winning musicals, The Strange Loop and Paradise Square.

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